Ski and Snowboard School at High Tatras in Slovakia

Letˈs have fun with ADVENTOURA Ski and Snowboard School

You will be led and taught by our experienced and qualified instructors, who have worked overseas (South Africa, New Zealand and California) but also in countries like Austria, France and Andorra.

The way we work?
– we will pick you up from hotel at High Tatras mountain area
– provide ski lesson in one of the ski resorts in High Tatras or near town Poprad
– ski lesson is private – one instructor – one client
– or group lesson – for your all family
– lesson is always led by english, polish or slovak speaking ski instructors
– once we finish, you will be driven back to your hotel

Ski School Adventoura Slovakia
Ski School Adventoura Slovakia

Age means nothing! Do you feel fit? are you active person?
There is never too late to start skiing!
Planning to ski in Slovakia with school group? we are happy to provide you with our ski instructors and assist with whole booking procedure, from accommodation booking to ski passes or ski equipment.

Ski School Adventoura Slovakia group lesson
Ski School Adventoura Slovakia group lesson

Everybody can try skiing or snowboarding:)
Our oldest student was a gentleman who was 68 and the youngest one was a 2 year old boy who skied with us.
Hope we motivated you a bit!!
If yes, here is a link to our ski lesson contact form🙂