Top 3 challenging chalets in High Tatras, Slovakia

TOP 3 challenging chalets in High Tatras in Slovakia!

Let´s hike! Moderate and advanced tours to breathtaking chalets will stretch your muscles! Prepare for full day tours and enjoy Téryho chata, Zbojnícka chata and Chata pod Rysmi!

Zbojnícka chata

Zbojnícka chata is 1960 AMSL (moderate tour), it is in Veľká studená dolina and it was established in 1907. Slovaks call it Zbojnička.

In the past, there were a lot of miners and goldrushers here. The first hiker who visited the chalet was probably Gregor František Berzevici, the mountain guide.

The name of the chalet is Zbojnícka (means brigand or bandit) and it is because of poachers that slept here in the past. Unfortunately, fire damaged the chalet in 1998.

Nowadays you are able to accomodate in it, may 16 people. Food is carried by sherpas and prepared on place. Toilets are outside the chalet. Follow those touristic mountain stripes to get there: červená turistická značka from Hrebienok to Rainerova chata, then follow modrá turistická značka to Zbojnícka chata.

Top 3 challenging chalets in High Tatras in Slovakia

Téryho chata

Tériho chata is also called Terynka in Slovak slang. It is 2015 AMSL and it was built in 1899 by Edmund Téry, the first man who climbed Pyšný štít. Chalet lays in Malá studená dolina.

Mountain sherpas carry food and necessary things to Terynka. Ladislav Kulanga was one of them and he broke a record of mountain sherpas. He carried 151kg to Tériho chata.

Now is the chalet one of the most known chalets in High Tatras. It offers accomodation and food. There are also beautiful views on Lomnický štít, Ľadový štít, Pyšný štít and a lot more!

From Hrebienok or Skalnaté pleso follow červená turistická značka to Zamkovskeho chata and then zelená turistická značka to Téryho chata. Enjoy and be prepared for moderate tour!


Top 3 challenging chalets in High Tatras in Slovakia

Chata pod Rysmi

Chata pod Rysmi. This tour is only for advanced hikers but with the most beautiful view. You can go there only in summer season (15 July – 31 October). Its height is 2250 AMSL.

Idea of building the chalet is from 19th century. It was not easy, because mountain climber Ubald Felbinger and his team did not have enough money to build it. Avalanches damaged it three times and after reconstruction they finally opened it in 2013.

If you want to go to Chata pod Rysmi, follow červená turistická značka from Štrbské pleso to Popradské pleso, then modrá turistická značka to directory above Žabí potok and again červená turistická značka to chalet, it takes approximately 3:30h. Would you like to try our advanced Tatras walking holidays? Enjoy This chalet and a lot more!

Top 3 challenging chalets in High Tatras in Slovakia


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