2 hours

Husky adventures and dog sledding in Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

Activity for people who love dogs!

Do you want to become a musher and drive a dog sled across the snowy fields?

This is the right place for booking this experience!

Huskies have always been friendly dogs , we all know that as we have 18 years of experience  in working with them here in Slovakia.

Are you thinking about booking our programme but you need more information?

Let us describe how your day with huskies will look like.

As seen in the description, we will try to set up our camp close to your place /depending on the snow conditions that day/. If there is no snow, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to a location with suitable snow conditions.

During this activity you will learn to drive the dog sled, to turn left and right and to understand the Siberian Huskiesˈ behaviour. All of this will be set on the circuit of the lenght of 1 km.

During the first circuits you will be supervised by our instructors and later once you are ready you will lead your dogs by yourself like a real musher.

To learn more about our offer read the following options:

– a ride with two dogs on your own on the small (200m) circuit (for groups of  2 – 40 people)

– a short trip with a dog sled sledding about 2-4 km. (ideal for groups of 2 – 6 people)

– cani cross – running with one dog attached to your body by a leash. (ideal for companies and bigger groups as we have more than 20 Siberian Huskies available).

Do you want to read and see more pictures from huskie adventures and dog sledding? Find it here on our facebook page.

DEPARTURE TIMEPicking you up from your hotel depends on time of your session.
RETURN TIMEApproximately after 3 hours.
WEARComfortable warm clothing, winter boots, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Professional instructors2 hour programme
8+ dogsTransportation

Additional information

LocationTatra mountain, Slovakia

Husky adventures and dog sledding near Tatra mountain in Slovakia

We do 2 sessions on displayed day for private groups

1 session is 2 hours.

Session 1 is at 9:30

Session 2 is at 12:00

Session 3 is at 2PM

If S1 or S2 in table=available

31.12.2018110 €/prsSOLD OUT
2.1.2019110 €/prsS1
4.1.2019110 €/prsS1 S2
5.1.2019110 €/prsS1
7.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
9.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
11.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
14.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
16.1.2019 90 € / prsS1 S2
18.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
19.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
21.1.2019 90 € / prsS1 S2
23.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
25.1.2019 90 € / prsS1 S2
28.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
30.1.201990 € / prsS1 S2
1.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
2.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
4.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
6.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
8.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
10.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
11.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
13.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2
15.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2
17.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2 S3
18.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2 S3
20.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2
22.2.2019110 € / prsS1 S2 S3
25.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
27.2.201990 € / prsS1 S2
1.3.201990 € / prsS1 S2
4.3.201990 € / prsS1 S2
6.3.201990 € / prsS1 S2
8.3.201990 € / prsS1 S2

Do not see your date? send us an email and we will do our best for you to run a tour.

Bigger companies or groups please contact us through email.

Groups with 10+ people in will have different pricing.

Please note, we do not provide transfers from ZAKOPANE for our programme. You must be able to come to us by taxi.