8 hours

Belianska Cave and the village of Ždiar.

Explore the hidden treasures with us in Slovakia!

The trip to Belianska Cave and the village of Ždiar is the most most popular day trip on rainy days and guess why ?:)

Belianska cave entrance is situated at 885 m above the sea level it is the only cave open to public in the High Tatras in Slovakia.It is situated under the eastern end of the Belianske Tatry, in the northern slope of Kobylí vrch (Kobylí Hill).

The settlement of Tatranská kotlina (Tatranská Basin) is a good starting point for visiting the cave.

The myths that the Belianska cave was inhabited by prehistoric people are not documented. In the 18-th century it was visited mostly by treasury searchers who were also the authors of its wall paintings.

Cave became interesting for the scientists after the visit of Július Husz and John Britz on August 5, 1881.
It was open to public in 1882.It was one of the first caves with electric lights in the world (1896).

The internal area was enlarged by excursions that followed. The final length of the cave is 1752 m, from which 1001 m are open to public.

We will spend the second half of the day by visiting a lovely village called Ždiar. The village is located in Bela Valley. A part of this area lies on the slopes of Spišská Magura. It is one of the coldest villages in Slovakia.

The village of Ždiar was founded at the beginning of the 17-th century. It was a part of Lendacké county, later it was owned by Horváth-Palocsay. In 1787 there were 120 houses and 794 inhabitants living here.

In 1828 there were 155 houses and 1118 inhabitants living here. Most of the Ždiar population were farmers, shepherds, miners who in the 19-th century started to be interested in tourism too. In 1918 and in 1938 the village was conquered by the Polish army.

Ždiar is famous for its original folk dress. After the departure of the Polish Army the village was a part of the town of High Tatras to 1960. It is still attractive to tourists as to its excellent ski facilities and well built infrastructure.

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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Poprad or the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia
DEPARTURE TIME Picking you up from your hotel at 9 AM
RETURN TIME Approx. at 5 PM
WEAR Leisure clothes
Driver-guide Parking fee
Tickets to the cave

Additional information

LocationPoprad – Tatra mountain
AgeAll ages

Belianska Cave and the village of Ždiar.


9 AM – 9.30 AM: Transfer to the location

Picking you up from your hotel, it takes approx.30 min to get to the car park of the Belianska Cave.
  • Don´t forget warmer clothes, camera and a great mood:)

9.30 AM – 10 AM: Walk up to the Belianska cave entrance

After parking the car, we have to walk up to the entrance of the cave /approx. 20 min./.

10 AM – 11.30 AM: Cave visit

Safe and guided walk in the cave for about 60 minutes. Lights and railing inside.

11.30 PM – 1 PM: Walk back to the car & Lunch

Enjoyed the Belianska cave visit? Let´s visit a nearby Slovak restaurant and have lunch.

1 PM – 4 PM: Village Ždiar and wedding

Feeling stuffed after lunch? Let´s walk through the old wooden village of Ždiar. Private wedding optional.

4 PM – 5 PM: Transfer back

Transfer back to your hotel..