13 things to take on hiking tour in High Tatras, Slovakia?

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Useful things to take on a tour while hiking in NP Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia?

When you plan a hiking tour to High Tatras, Slovakia, you need to think of several questions.

How far you plan to go?

Which season are you coming?

What the weather will be?

However, it is still better to take more things with you to be on the safe side!

Check out the list of what to take on hiking in High Tatras!


You should have rather big backpack so you can pack all you will need on your tour. Of course it should be still comfortable for carrying. The best will be if the material was also waterproof, although also waterproof covers for backpacks exist.



There are many brands that offer hiking boots. Choice is up to you. It is better to have the higher ones that protects your ankle on the uneven rocky terrain. Also it is good when the toes are hardened that will save your toes.

Shoe laces also enable various forms and forces of tying. You should not take any other type of shoes including sneakers or sandals. In the winter, upper snowy altitudes it is beneficial to take snowshoes or crampons.



  • socks – better have more pairs of higher socks, if you go on longer trails it is good to have compressive knee-high socks
  • sport trousers, sport leggings – the length is optional, ¾ is the safest one, in the colder and bad weather you should take several layers and also thermo trousers, you should not take jeans.
  • T-shirt – sometimes the mornings and afternoon in Tatras are quite cold so it is better to have longer sleeves, sometimes thermal layer shirt, but at mid-day the sun shines strongly. Remember it is always better to have more options and more pieces of clothing as you get sweaty easily and should have something dry to change into
  • jacket, anorak – always take a jacket, the material is up to you, but it should be warn and waterproof as weather changes very quickly and can surprise you easily, it is better to have one with hood too
  • raincoat – if you do not have waterproof jacket, this will protect also your backpack
  • hat, cap, bandana buff – as you hike to higher altitudes, there is no shade and sun shines a lot, you should definitely cover your head and neck in hot and also cold conditions
  • sun glasses – they protect your eyes in windy and sunny weather
  • gloves – when you hike in the winter this is necessary, but even in summer days could temperature drop rapidly down.


These are optional. Sometimes they help you go up and you also burn more calories if you walk fast – e.g. in Nordic walking. However, on the more steep trails they can be unnecessary and obstruct your way up. Definitely, you must learn how to walk with them so they will be totally beneficial.


The mountainous sun shines surprisingly very much. Although the temperatures are not that high, you should always cream your face. You should also use a simple lipstick to protect your lips from sun and wind in the upper altitudes.


Although there are 13 chalets in Tatra mountain where you can buy drinks and meals, the weather changes so quickly and you can get lost. During the hot summer days you sweat a lot. Therefore, always take enough water, at least one litre per person.

The mineral one is always the best but you can take also the one with flavour to get some energy. Warm tea is always great to carry in thermal flasks. You should take also some food, fruit and protein bars, chocolate are good but you will find sandwiches also divine sometimes.

Our tip: take always banana, that’s fast energy for you and light for your stomach.


These are universal for anything that could happen in the mountains.


It is highly recommended if you have a diary to take it with you. You can draw and buy stickers or put stamps in the chalets. This will be a great memory for you.



This will be helpful in hot summer days and steep slopes.


Although everything is marked in the mountains, you can still buy map or a book guide to lead you around tatra mountain.



Tatra mountains are full of interesting wildlife. You can take binoculars to watch marmots, chamois,  bears or other beautiful animals.



When you hike in Tatras it is highly recommended to be insured for hiking in the NP High Tatras. This is a special insurance up to 2€ which will save you a lot money and covers also rescue expenses including flight with helicopter. You can buy that insurance in any information centre in of High Tatra mountain.


Although there is little signal up in the mountains, is still good to have your cell phone for emergency locator and for calling Tatra mountain rescue team – 0042118300. Moreover, you can take great pictures in the mountains by your phone.


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