Sleep in igloo | 1 Night in the snow | Slovakia

Sleep in Igloo? Night in the Snow? Welcome to Slovakia than!!!

You must be one of the adventurers who LOVE to try new challenge and new adventure!!

Don’t sleep in hotel:) come and enjoy cold night in igloo from real snow!

Night in igloo and sleep in snow in Slovakia is our UNIQUE product that nobody do it!!

So welcome, enjoy reading and we hope to see you on our adventure tour in Slovakia.

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Get OUT of your comfort zone, this adventure tour will give you a lot, it is not just sleeping in igloo.

What you will learn?

  • make fire
  • cook outdoor dinner 
  • make breakfast in the snow

Sounds COOL?? so continue reading about snowy adventure in Slovakia.

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At the bottom of this page there are few informations what you need to know before you will get on sleep in igloo adventure such a inclusions, exclusions and what to bring …

Just do not forget to read section called ITINERARY!

From 160€ per person





Minimum age

6 years





2 days



January - March

Currently unavailable

What's included


icons Driver-guide
icons Meal
icons Snowshoes and poles
icons Showel
icons Winter sleeping bag
icons Inflatable matrace
icons Silver foil

What to bring

icons Warm winter jacket and trousers
icons Gloves and hat
icons Back pack to carry sleeping bag

Not Included

icons Insurance


Meet and greet, transfer

Our driver-guide will pick you up at 9am from the hotel and drive you to the edge of Low Tatras national park.

  • Take a camera with you, if you do not have your winter sleeping bag, we will be able to provide and rent one for you, silver foil and inflatable matrace is included.
Walk to area /3KM/ and build an igloo
9.30am start to walk, it will take us about 50 minutes walk to get to the location.
We use snowshoes and poles for it.
  • Please bring your backpack /big enough to fit sleeping bag in/, besides sleeping bag you should have a space for your water, spare dry clothes to change in case you get wet from walk.
  • Have proper winter clothing and good warm boots. You will be taken to igloo area and will have a chance to build one igloo for overnight, we will give you necessary equipment and instructions for it.
Dinner, get ready for night in igloo

Having dinner at igloo could be cold, in this case we will do dinner in nearby wooden chalet.
It is time to eat something before we go to sleep, dinner will be set up to your needs, but do not expect 5 star dinner.
Remember we are in the deep forrest!
Start the fire and lets cook. We will do team work now, one person finds wood, start the fire, and other ones cook the meal.

Get ready to sleep in igloo

Around 10pm or 11pm we will be ready to get inside the igloo in dry clothes, wake up in the morning and walk to wooden chalet.

Morning tea, breakfast and walk back down

Breakfast will be set in nearby chalet with warm tea, later on we will walk down back to our car.

Transfer and bye

Our driver-guide will take you back to your hotel.