Top 3 national parks you should visit in Slovakia

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Top 3 national parks you should visit in Slovakia

1. High Tatras, Slovakia

Top 3 national parks you should visit in Slovakia
High Tatras National Park in Slovakia – Picture taken by Adventoura Slovakia

This national park is in the area of High Tatras and it is the oldest one from all 9 parks in Slovakia.

As it lies in the north of the country, it continues up to Poland. History of the park dates back to 1949 when it was established and then to 1993 when it became a part of UNESCO.

Forests of spruces and firs cover most of the area. They change into mountain pines in the higher altitude.

Surface of the peaks is mainly rocky with snow and glaciers but you can find amazing alpine meadows there as well.

As for the unique fauna and flora, this area must be protected, therefore the tourists must follow the rules.

Asking about the fauna? We will take you to the area of the brown bears, but also red deers, eagles, chamois, marmots, foxes during our bear watching tour.

Due to the location in the Carpathian Range, the relief of Tatras is really exceptional. There are deep valleys, sharp peaks, several of them towering up to 2600m.

The highest is the Gerlachovský peak (2656 m) and then the Lomnický peak (2634m) and there are also more peaks above 2500m here.

Caves? Belianska Cave with its crystal streams.

Waterfalls? The highest 80m Kmeťov Vodopád.

Tarns? More than 100 tarns and mountain lakes are around the Tatra Mountains. The biggest and the deepest is Veľké Hincovo Pleso (tarn) and the most visited are Štrbské and Popradské Pleso (tarn).

There are several chalets with a unique view of the surroundings intended for resting and offering a shelter in case of bad weather.

2. Low Tatras, Slovakia

National Park Nízke Tatry in Slovakia – Picture taken by Adventoura Slovakia

National Park Low Tatras is situated in central Slovakia and due to its area it is the largest one.

The structure of the park is similar to the NP High Tatras, although they differ in fauna and flora.

Their highest peaks are as follows:  Ďumbier (2043 m), Chopok (2024 m) and Kráľova hoľa (1946) which is known as a place where 4 important Slovak rivers (Váh, Hron, Hnilec and Hornád) spring.

Karst areas with several caves – complex of Demänovské Caves, long valleys, deep canyons and steep reefs are definitely worth seeing.

Mixed forests cover most of the area, beech, spruce, fir changing to mountain pine and upper rocky areas where the unique chamois and marmots live.

3. Slovak Paradise, Slovakia

Slovenský Raj national park – Picture taken by Adventoura Slovakia

Slovak Paradise National Park is situated in the eastern Slovakia in the mountain range called Slovenský Raj and it offers around 300 km of adrenaline paths usually equipped with chains, ladders and bridges.

There are more than 350 caves, although just one – Dobšinská Ice Cave is open to public.  It has been on UNESCO List since 2000.

The River Hornád forms the canyons in the park, it flows in its valleys and hence has been creating karst areas and gorges.

The longest one Slovaks call Prielom Hornádu where you can find canyons, valleys and waterfalls.

An exceptional part is a rocky terrace Tomášovský View, which provides a really marvellous view of the High Tatras. One of the curiosities of the park is that there is the highest density of butterflies in Slovakia.

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