Easy hiking tours where you can take baby carriage in High Tatras
Chalets | 29. November 2022

Easy hiking tours where you can take baby carriage in High Tatras Do you like High Tatras and trekking? Do you want your children to follow your tradition of active hiker? What about to start from their first steps? Here are some great tips to go hiking even with a small child in baby carriage! …or would you like to […]

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Accommodation | 24. November 2022

TOP 5 INTERESTING THINGS YOU CAN DO IN ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO Štrbské pleso is the most visited lake in High Tatras and it is located near Tatranská Štrba in Slovakia. You do not have to worry about food and accomodation, because there are many fantastic restaurants and hotels. Besides this you are able to start your journey from this place, for example […]

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Accommodation | 18. November 2022

What to do in High Tatras, Slovakia in case of bad weather High Tatras are beautiful in any kind of weather. Also when there are showers, you can take just a raincoat and continue to the mountains. However, stronger rain, wind or storms can easily ruin your hiking programme. If you want to stay safe […]

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Accommodation | 17. November 2022

Visit traditional shepherd’s huts in High Tatras, Spiš and Liptov, Slovakia Slovakia is famous for its traditional bryndza cheese and other products from fresh sheep milk. There are also products from goat and cow milk or from mixture of all three. These are made in salaš [saelaesh] – the shepherd’s or herdsman’s huts. We bring you several tips where to go and meet shepherds and […]

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Accommodation | 14. November 2022

Tatra chalets in NP High Tatras, Slovakia – visit them all NP High Tatras, Slovakia is open for tourists. That is why there are 13 chalets and huts for you from west to east. All of them are open all year round except one below peak Rysy.  Chalets serve for perfect break during hiking in High Tatras. […]

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Accommodation | 11. November 2022

Visit Nová Lesná, Slovakia – ‘cradle’ of mountain guides in the High Tatras Nová Lesná is a village at the foothills of the High Tatras. It is village with the most beautiful view on the High Tatras panorama. You can see the most famous Tatra peaks – Lomnický, Slavkovský and Gerlachovský peak at once. Closeness of the High Tatras influences character […]

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