Spiš castle & Levoča UNESCO 1 day private tour
Summer | 19. November 2022

Top 5 Summer Activities and Tours to do in Slovakia. 1. Hiking in Tatra Mountains and National Park Slovenský Raj You can experience the best summer hiking in Slovakia in the northern part of the national park called Vysoké Tatry – the High Tatras. Explore more than 400km of walking trails which are fully marked – the […]

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Accommodation | 18. November 2022

What to do in High Tatras, Slovakia in case of bad weather High Tatras are beautiful in any kind of weather. Also when there are showers, you can take just a raincoat and continue to the mountains. However, stronger rain, wind or storms can easily ruin your hiking programme. If you want to stay safe […]

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Accommodation | 4. November 2022

Top 3 national parks you should visit in Slovakia 1. High Tatras, Slovakia This national park is in the area of High Tatras and it is the oldest one from all 9 parks in Slovakia. As it lies in the north of the country, it continues up to Poland. History of the park dates back to 1949 when it was established […]

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All | 26. October 2022

Read and learn about Slovak wildlife in Tatras One of the extraordinary facts about the High Tatras is that people live in a tight connection with animals.Those are their neighbours, their friends, guardians, followers and sometimes also, sadly, enemies. In the villages, the closer they get the less shy they are, which is usually very risky. However, at […]

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