List of 5 international airports to get to High Tatras, Slovakia
Airport | 28. November 2022

List of 5 international airports to get to High Tatras, Slovakia Do you struggle which airport you should use when visiting Slovakia and High Tatras? Here is a list of them that we recommend! Travel from your country and get to Kraków, Košice, Bratislava, Vienna and Poprad! Poprad-Tatry Airport Poprad-Tatry is the nearest place to High Tatras. This international airfield was open in 1938. This one is mainly connected […]

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History | 27. November 2022

Top cafés in Slovakia in High Tatras worth to visit! Do you struggle which café you should visit in High Tatras in Slovakia? Here is a list of top cafés that we recommend! Let´s see what does it mean the best quality! Štrbské pleso Grand Hotel Kempinski Grand Hotel Kempinski, only one 5 star hotel […]

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All | 26. October 2022

Read and learn about Slovak wildlife in Tatras One of the extraordinary facts about the High Tatras is that people live in a tight connection with animals.Those are their neighbours, their friends, guardians, followers and sometimes also, sadly, enemies. In the villages, the closer they get the less shy they are, which is usually very risky. However, at […]

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All | 25. October 2022

25 phrases you should learn before visiting Slovakia Slovak language is quite difficult to learn as it has so many exceptions. Nouns, adjectives and pronouns have different suffixes connected with prepositions and verbs differ according to the person, number and time. In spite of this, it is a lovely language with rich verbal folk art based […]

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Four national parks tour of Slovakia in week Chopok
All | 24. October 2022

The top 10 things to do while in Slovakia. Slovakia is beautiful country but you probably struggle what to see first. What about castles? Mountains? Some chalets or traditional food? Can we even manage those tours in time? Actually, you can. Here are the top 10 things to discover while being in Slovakia! 1. Spišský hrad […]

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