High Tatras - Vysoké Tatry | 8. December 2022

TOP 3 Hikes in Slovensky Raj best of Slovak Paradise It seems that you already heard about our National Park called Slovensky Raj, also called as Slovak Paradise?Located in the eastern Slovakia not far from town Poprad. It is one of the most favourite destinations because of it’s green nature, waterfalls, tarns and caves. You are going to […]

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National Parks | 5. December 2022

See the highest peak in Slovakia! Visit Gerlachovský štít Gerlachovský štít Gerlachovský štít is the highest point of Slovakia (2655 AMSL) and also one of the most mightiest mountains of Tatras, Slovakia and Carpathian mountains. It lays in the south-east of Zadný Gerlach, you can recognize it according to Gerlachovský kotol (the big hole in the middle of the peak). Do not miss this beautiful tour! History Height […]

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Drink and coffee | 4. December 2022

List of best places to take children in High Tatras Do you have children and they like to explore? Are they full of energy but you would like to relax? Here are some great tips to go when they get bored! Visit breathtaking Tricklandia, beautiful pathway through trees in Bachledova dolina and funny Spider park! Tricklandia A place where you lose your mind! Beautiful artworks with Slovak motives and traditional […]

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Four national parks tour of Slovakia in week Dobsinska ice cave
National Parks | 3. December 2022

TOP 3 caves you must see in Slovakia Is it raining outside right now and you really want to go somewhere? Take your children to the most visited caves in Slovakia even during bad weather! Let´s see Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa, Demänovská jaskyňa slobody and Belianska jaskyňa! You will not forget those places! Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa This ice cave is […]

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Seasonal blueberry cake – sugar free from Slovakia
Drink and coffee | 1. December 2022

Seasonal blueberry cake – sugar free from Slovakia Everyone loves sweets and candies, cheescakes and cookies. It is perfect to enjoy it during Christmas holidays but what about summer? You need energy to go hike but not without some healthy sweets! If you liked our first recipe (that can be used as lunch), here is a recipe how to make yummie brunch with blueberries that are […]

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List of 5 international airports to get to High Tatras, Slovakia
Airport | 28. November 2022

List of 5 international airports to get to High Tatras, Slovakia Do you struggle which airport you should use when visiting Slovakia and High Tatras? Here is a list of them that we recommend! Travel from your country and get to Kraków, Košice, Bratislava, Vienna and Poprad! Poprad-Tatry Airport Poprad-Tatry is the nearest place to High Tatras. This international airfield was open in 1938. This one is mainly connected […]

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