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Discover wooden churches in the Slovak Carpathian Mountain area
History | 22. November 2022

Discover wooden churches in the Slovak Carpathian Mountain area East-Slovak wooden churches are the most significant group of sights in Slovakia. They present a great creativity and geniality of simple folk people. Slovak churches are unique and show maturity and craft skills of Slovak carpenters and people still preserve them because of their beauty.  They are so special because Slovaks built them without nails. […]

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Accommodation | 11. November 2022

Visit Nová Lesná, Slovakia – ‘cradle’ of mountain guides in the High Tatras Nová Lesná is a village at the foothills of the High Tatras. It is village with the most beautiful view on the High Tatras panorama. You can see the most famous Tatra peaks – Lomnický, Slavkovský and Gerlachovský peak at once. Closeness of the High Tatras influences character […]

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High Tatras - Vysoké Tatry | 10. November 2022

4 famous people with roots in Slovakia Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe. Although it can look inconspicuously, it hides several treasures. Except nine national parks, castles, folklore and halušky it has been also a cradle to some famous people from the artistic world, Hollywood or world military sphere. We bring you a list of four famous people whose ancestors live in Slovakia. […]

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