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Chalets | 7. December 2022

6+1 mountain lakes you should´t miss in High Tatras Veľké Hincovo pleso Hincovo pleso is the biggest and the deepest mountain lake in High Tatras and Slovakia. It is freeezed around 270 days in a year. Some legends say that the name Hincovo belongs to shepherd walking around the lake, another is about dwarf Hinco who helped miners to find gold. It is […]

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3 Tatra peaks with best view on Slovakia
High Tatras - Vysoké Tatry | 6. December 2022

3 Tatra peaks with best view on Slovakia Gerlachovský štít The highest point in Slovakia with 2654,4m AMSL is Gerlachovský štít (Slovaks call it Gerlach). Gerlach has a big hole in the middle, that´s why its name is Gerlachovský kotol. Its name is from small village Gerlachov that was founded by four Gerlach brothers. This village included part of High Tatras with Gerlach, […]

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National Parks | 5. December 2022

See the highest peak in Slovakia! Visit Gerlachovský štít Gerlachovský štít Gerlachovský štít is the highest point of Slovakia (2655 AMSL) and also one of the most mightiest mountains of Tatras, Slovakia and Carpathian mountains. It lays in the south-east of Zadný Gerlach, you can recognize it according to Gerlachovský kotol (the big hole in the middle of the peak). Do not miss this beautiful tour! History Height […]

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National Parks | 27. November 2022

Tatra hiking trails in Slovakia – follow four colour marks not to get lost Not to get lost, there are approximately 600 km of marked hiking trails in the national park High Tatras, TANAP, Slovakia. Trails have been chosen to guide to the most beautiful and interesting natural phenomena and still be safe. They head to beautiful places […]

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Accommodation | 18. November 2022

What to do in High Tatras, Slovakia in case of bad weather High Tatras are beautiful in any kind of weather. Also when there are showers, you can take just a raincoat and continue to the mountains. However, stronger rain, wind or storms can easily ruin your hiking programme. If you want to stay safe […]

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Accommodation | 14. November 2022

Tatra chalets in NP High Tatras, Slovakia – visit them all NP High Tatras, Slovakia is open for tourists. That is why there are 13 chalets and huts for you from west to east. All of them are open all year round except one below peak Rysy.  Chalets serve for perfect break during hiking in High Tatras. […]

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